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Can You Sleep Your Way To The Top?

Can You Sleep Your Way To The Top?

“Sleeping your way to the top” might not be a bad thing these days when it comes to being successful. A recent study cited in the Journal of Management, found “a link between healthy sexual activity at home, and employees’ job satisfaction and engagement at the office. The findings support previous research that shows having sex leads to hormonal changes that boost our overall happiness and activate reward centers of the brain.”

This means that people who maintain healthy relationships outside the office, tend to have better relationships in the office. Ultimately, this leads to better overall performance at work as well as more money - because you’re more than likely to be promoted. So, essentially you can sleep your way to the top - just not with your boss. Unless you’re married to him!

The study “followed about 160 married couples for two weeks and surveyed them twice each day. They found participants who were more sexually active at home reported being happier the next day at work — and, in turn, were more productive and satisfied in their jobs.” So, the more intimate you get with your partner at home, the more happy you will stay when you are apart at work.

How Can You Sleep Your Way To The Top?

● Change your sheets for a better night’s sleep with your partner! This means balancing your body temperatures for the ultimate snuggle time without the sweats. Check out NuSleep sheets - they’ll have you getting super intimate and still getting some serious shut eye.

● Don’t take your work home with you! This also means shutting off the phone and silencing any emails or after hours calls that come in.

● Always make your relationship a priority. Then work will become more easy, because you’ll have more reasons to smile when you get there!



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  • Romell Bhaala