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Create A Fat-Burning Circuit Routine For Better Sleep

Create A Fat-Burning Circuit Routine For Better Sleep

Exercise goes with sleep like peanut butter goes with jelly. Our bodies simply need a good exercise routine to burn off calories and keep our body clocks regulated for the ultimate rest. So how do you put together a killer workout routine with circuit training to get a good night of a sleep? Check out our ultimate plan to get your working out and burning fat for some serious zzz’s.

Set A Time Limit
Designating a set amount of time for your workout will help you determine what and how many exercises you should do. Your circuit should be between 15 and 45 minutes for maximum calorie burning and toning, because you want to give yourself enough time to get your heart rate going.

Pick A Set Number of Stations
Next, you’ll want to pick a set number of stations. You can do different moves for different periods of time, and still maximize a workout to get the most out of it for your body.

Circuit Plan Examples:

● 6 stations with 1 station at 30 seconds, 4 at 45 seconds, and 1 at one minute; repeat for three circuits - this makes a 15 minute circuit routine.

● 5 stations at 1 minute each, repeated for 6 circuits makes a 30 minute routine.

How To Design Your Circuit Routine for Whole Body Workout

1. Pick an upper body exercise like shoulder presses or pushups.

2. Pick a lower body exercise like lunges or sumo squats.

3. Pick a compound exercise like mountain climbers or cleans.

4. Choose a 1 minute sprint exercise like jogging, jumping rope or cycling.

Be sure to take a one minute rest between each run through of your circuit, and have fun! Want more great news on how to make your healthy lifestyle get you more sleep? Check out Holy Sheets! from NuSleep. We help you stop sweating, so you can start sleeping!



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  • Romell Bhaala