30 NIGHT TRIAL: Sleep on it. Dream on it. If you don’t love your Nusleep bedding, send it back for a full refund. 

Gift "Sincerely Sweet Sleep" This Christmas


While your friends and family are making a list and checking it twice, you should gift something nice to all of the fabulously amazing people in your life - with the sweet gift of sleep. This year’s “it” items for those who like to curl up and cuddle will knock your holiday socks off. You’ll love these cozy little gifts so much, you might just buy some for yourself!

The Best. Blanket. Ever.

For the tech savvy, and not so tech savvy, there’s a new way to get warm and keep up with the latest trends in bedding. The best blanket ever - NuSleep Bedding Blanket. Why? You know that technology in your clothes that keeps you warm and cozy for the best body climate ever? The stuff you can find in your favorite fashion brands like Under Armour, Carhartt, Adidas and Tommy Bahama. Well, NuSleep used the innovative 37.5 technology to make you a blanket that will help you sleep like a champ.  



Cute & Cozy Slippers

For the person in your life who likes to put their feet up after a day of changing the world, check out these sweet innovative slippers with interchangeable soles - Mahibis are totally for the modern day slipper lover.  These slippers embody “the essence of chill” and are totally all that and more. Modern and adaptable for indoor and outdoor use, these slippers are great for all day wear with loads of comfort to keep feet nice and happy inside and out.







Seriously Sweet Sheets

Want superior breathability in a luxury sheet with satin piping!? Check out the amazing NuSleep Sheet Set. While these sheets might seem basic, they are anything but! Gift something amazing with these seriously sweet sheets made with 37.5 technology that is permanently imbedded in the sheets so it will never wash out and your loved ones get some sincerely sweet sleep all year round’!



Adorable Throws That Aren’t Just For Decor

Give the gift of comfy, cozy, and totally adorable -  with the “it” throw that is making waves this season.  When it comes to home decor and comfort, the  Chunky Throw is absolutely adorable. We sincerely  love how soft and modern it is. The best part - you  can grab them from
Etsy or get crafty and make  your own using a simple knitting stitch and some  PVC pipes.



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  • Romell Bhaala