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Healthy Sleep On The Midnight Shift

Healthy Sleep On The Midnight Shift

Working midnight shift, swing shifts or shift work can make it tough to get the actual rest you need. Factory workers, truck drivers, and power plant workers, coal miners, firefighters and police, as well as doctors and nurses - they need healthy sleep too! There body’s can often disagree that it’s time to go to bed when they come off of a 12 hour midnight shift. Here’s some healthy sleep tips to get your shift working body the rest it truly needs to work that amazing job!

Stay Alert & Awake At Work
Getting the sleep you need can also start by getting into work mode when your body is telling you it’s time to rest.

● Go for a walk before your shift. Taking a walk when it’s still light outside can stimulate your brain to stay awake and be more alert before your shift.

● Grab a caffeinated drink! Coffee, sodas and tea can give you a nice boost, but limit these drinks to the first half of your shift so you can fall asleep when you get home.

● If your job requires you to be or sit in one place over a period of time, get up and move around. Take short breaks to help keep yourself more alert and active.

Create a Healthy Sleep Environment
● Sleep in a dark, quiet, cool room. That means ditching your phone, tablet or tv 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

● Try blackout blinds to get it nice and dark in your room.

● Go for white noise or a noise machine to block out sounds of the day time.

● Treat yourself to amazing sheets that are made with technology to keep your body dry and cool as you sleep off your midnight shift and give yourself a fresh start to the day!


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  • Romell Bhaala