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How Losing One Night’s Sleep Can Take a Massive Toll On You

How Losing One Night’s Sleep Can Take a Massive Toll On You

We’ve all been there or worked with someone who is moody, snaps to judge, or is very testy in nature at work all day long. This kind of rude behavior can take a massive toll on the mood of others, and cast a negative light on the whole work place. Simply because it’s counterproductive.

According to The Guardian, “It’s estimated that workers with counterproductive behaviors cost the US economy $200bn a year. Laura Giurge at Erasmus University Rotterdam thinks she has discovered such negative behaviors can be caused by just one night’s bad sleep.”

Thanks to this research, into what drives our moods and productiveness at work, after losing one night’s sleep researchers found that it can be hard to get out of being mean and rude on a daily basis. Bad habits can be formed after losing one night’s sleep. Habits that can cost companies millions and cost you your job, as well as relationships between family and friends.

You tend to get burnt out when you don’t sleep, which can ultimately cause loss of cognitive and emotional function in general. Just how do you combat those nasty mood swings when it comes to loss of sleep!?

1. Change things up! Sometimes we simply need to get up when we are laying in bed, wide awake, in the middle of the night. Research suggests that removing yourself from your environment for a half hour can help you fall back asleep.

2. Ditch the TV entirely when it comes to bedtime. Don’t turn it on to fall back asleep. Instead, reach for a book or some mood soothing music.

3. Get control of your sleep environment. Changing something as simple as your sheets to regulate your temperature and keep you cozy all night can really help you stay asleep, too! Check out 6 Ways To Create A Cozy Bedroom for more tips.

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  • Romell Bhaala