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How To Get Genuinely Good Sleep

How To Get Genuinely Good Sleep

You’ve wound down for the day, got into bed, and you’re exhausted - but you can’t sleep? What if you got your eight hours, but still feel exhausted? Maybe you’re doing it wrong. So...how do you get good sleep?

Get Comfortable
While we know that NuSleep bedding is the best way to stay comfy all night long, did you know that you could create a whole new clean bedding ritual to help you get some better sleep? Check out our blog: Clean Sleeping - Biggest Health Trend of The Year. There are loads of great sleep tips here, so you can create one amazing way to go to bed and get some genuinely good sleep.

Learn to Manage Stress & Anxiety
Some people may know this leads to all the reasons you lie awake at night, but stress can also cause bad dreams and nightmares that physically wake you up out of a good sleep.

What are some good ways to keep anxiety out of your bedroom?

1. Leave it at the door! This means mentally leaving all of the day's problems at the front door when you walk in the room. Quite often if we use the ‘mind over matter’ principle and push all the negativity or troublesome things of the day to the side - we get better sleep.

2. Wind down with a simple yoga or meditation session. Check out this breathing trick that might help you sleep better: https://nusleepbedding.com/blogs/holy-sheets/breathing-trick-that-will-help-you-fall-asleep-faster

3. Make Yourself a Bedtime Ritual and stick to it! Once you form the habits of leaving your problems at the door, letting go of things mentally with meditation or yoga, and grab a cup of tea with a good book or spend some time chatting to loved ones - a habit will form that helps your body get sincerely good sleep with little to no effort mentally.



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  • Romell Bhaala