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How To Sleep Well When You Travel

How To Sleep Well When You Travel

Do you tend to have restless nights away from home, but love to be on the road? Some people have trouble sleeping when they are not in their own bed. Couple that with outside noises, hotel or hostel noises, and noisy neighbors - and you could be in for a sleepless night. Have no fear. Even if you are one full of wanderlust, to see the world and all the sights it has to offer, you can still get a good night’s rest while you’re doing it!

Unwind The Right Way
Some people think a few glasses of wine or a couple beers can help them sleep better. This will only cause a restless night in the long run. You’ll fall asleep fast, but you’ll have restless sleep. Don’t drink too much when you unwind. It’s cool to have a glass of wine or craft beer, especially if you’re in a fabulous region of the world that does one of these total justice. Instead, savor your beverage. Grab a hot meal. Take a hot bath or shower.

Keep The Noise Out
Always carry a spare set of earplugs with you. If you don’t have any or lose yours, pop your earbuds in as a back up. All too often, especially if you are staying in a hostel, you can be kept up by a rude bunkmate or someone who snores loud. Earplugs or earbuds are great for this. If you’re using your phone as an alarm and are afraid you won’t hear it, be sure to set the vibrate function with the ring function and sleep with it under your pillow or next to your body under the blanket. You’ll want to conceal it to, not only keep it safe, but keep the light from waking you in the night just in case someone on a different time zone messages you.

Regulate Your Temperature
A lot of people pack travel towels or shampoo, we pack a NuSleep pillow case. This is especially important for anyone who is prone to night sweats or going to a country that isn’t all that fond of central air conditioning. You won’t find that luxury in places like the UK, Italy or Thailand. A pillow case is easier to take on the road than a set of sheets, so we recommend the bare minimum to keep your head cool at night. Trust us, you’ll sleep better!

One of the most important things when you travel is hydration. Keeping very well- hydrated can also help you stay active during the day, and ready for any adventure you’ve planned or stumble upon. Hydration is also great to keep jet lag at bay. Jet lag can ruin your sleep. You want to get onto the sleep pattern of the time zone you are in, even if it’s an hour off - you could find this difficult. Just be sure to drink plenty of water. You’ll likely skip the jet lag, and go for all the good stuff the place you’re in has to offer!



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  • Romell Bhaala