30 NIGHT TRIAL: Sleep on it. Dream on it. If you don’t love your Nusleep bedding, send it back for a full refund. 

Save Your Marriage With Bedding

Save Your Marriage With Bedding

One of the most common complaints amongst couples is bedding. We’ve all heard the story or slept next to someone who “hogs the covers”. Couples can often find it hard to cohabit due to temperature control in the room. That’s right. Some like it hot. Some like it cold. This tossing and turning, and loss of sleep, can cause some nasty arguments. Not because you can’t cohabit, but simply because you’re cranky and stressed out day after day from lack of sleep.

What if you could find sheets that were scientifically proven to help you both get a better night’s sleep? A pillow that is perfect for you, and one for your partner, that didn’t require you to flip it to the cold side? A mattress pad to help you build your marriage back to those first days with sunshine filled mornings?

Start With The Right Mattress Pad
The mattress pad is the foundation of good bedding and every relationship is built on a solid foundation, right? Room temperature is important, but it’s the personal microclimate created in your bedding that determines comfort. Your body manages heat and comfort by releasing moisture vapor. Generic mattress pads pull that moisture in making your bed hot and sticky. Over time this moisture can also breed bacteria, and cause allergies or illness. Our NuSleep Bedding Mattress Pad is constructed with 37.5 technology to maintain your optimum core body temperature all night long - no matter what side of the bed you like to sleep on - you’ll stop sweating and start sleeping, all night long.

Slip Into Dreamy Sheets
One of the most common problems in a married bed is the sheets. Why? One of you loves them, the other doesn’t like a top sheet. One person enjoys super-soft, while the other likes a more structured fibre. The ultimate problem - one of you sweats all night long and the other is cold and clammy. All because of sheets. This can cause loads of problems like interrupted sleep, and eventually you aren’t sleeping at all.

NuSleep Sheets are made with the same technology, proven by scientists at the The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and sleep physiologists at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, to give you bedding that can truly save your marriage. Our sheet sets, with 37.5® Technology active particle technology captures and releases moisture vapor to help your body maintain the optimum comfort zone, allowing you to enter deeper, longer periods of rest.

Pick Your Perfect Pillow
Many couples enjoy different levels of comfort, which can make for an awkward night’s sleep when sleeping on pillows you don’t love. Some people double up with super soft pillows. Some love a firm support. Others like something in between. No matter what kind of pillow person you are, NuSleep Pillows offer different levels of comfort for one cool night’s sleep.

Snuggle Up With Comfy Blankets
Need a great blanket for those nights that require something a little more cozy and comfy? The NuSleep Blanket is simply perfect for those cool nights and cold climates. This amazing blanket is actually designed with a double dose of the 37.5 technology to capture and release moisture vapor to help your body maintain its optimum comfort zone. The best part about this blanket - it’s great for camping, and movie nights on the couch, because it won’t lose the ability to keep you in your comfort zone when you wash it.

It’s time to pamper your relationship with luxurious bedding. With our 30 day trial, what’s not to love. That’s right. You can sleep on it. Drool on it. Dream on it. If you don’t love it, just send it back, but we can guarantee you both might fall in love all over again with NuSleep.



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  • Romell Bhaala