30 NIGHT TRIAL: Sleep on it. Dream on it. If you don’t love your Nusleep bedding, send it back for a full refund. 

Seriously, The Best Pillow Ever!

Seriously, The Best Pillow Ever!

When it comes to the best sleep products ever, you know we’re going to step up and claim that title. In that very bold statement, we also want our readers to know why! We design our products based on technology and comfort. We want our customers to know just what it’s like to lay their heads down in the lap of luxury and get serious sleep all night long. That starts with the right pillow.

It’s Getting Hot In Here
Do you often find when you wake up in the middle of the night you’re covered in sweat and your neck is all sticky? That, my friends, is a direct result of a terrible pillow. Pillows can be made with all kinds of non-breathable materials that hold all the moisture vapors that naturally releases from your body while you sleep.

Some pillows feature cooling gels, core ventilation, mesh covers, and other novelties designed to increase airflow, reduce moisture vapor buildup and keep the pillow feeling cool throughout the night. But over time these materials break down and stop keeping you cool. Or they’re just a gimmick, meant to make you think your pillow won’t let you down. NuSleep pillows are powered with technology that keeps its promise.

What Does Technology Got To Do With Sleep?
According to BedTimes Magazine, “When you get into bed, you create a microclimate that’s hot and humid. It gets uncomfortable but also creates a fertile ground for moisture, mold and dust mites...so, what do you do when you get hot at night? You throw a leg out or flip the pillow and that creates a micro-awakening. Anything we can do to improve the microclimate eliminates an unnatural awakening for a better night’s sleep.” That’s why NuSleep turned to The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and sleep physiologists at the Olympic Training Center for Athletes to design a pillow so advanced you stay in a deep sleep for longer periods of time.

Why Our Pillows Are The Best Ever
The blend of fabric and fiberfill using 37.5® technology provides superior breathability and comfort in our NuSleep Bedding Pillows. The even better part: NuSleep Pillows are available in a variety of fill levels to provide the proper support for all types of sleepers. So if you like a firm pillow, we got you covered. For those of you who love something soft and cuddly, we can fill your order too!

Our pillows also have removable / washable covers constructed with 20% Cocona (37.5®) and 80% Lyocell. Frequent washing of the removable cover freshens the technology that is permanently embedded in the fabric, so your NuSleep pillow will never break down and turn up the heat. With added features like a double needle stitch and gusset, your bed pillow will not only provide comfort but a little touch of luxury to your bedroom decor.

The Absolute Best Part About NuSleep Pillows
You can buy it. Sleep on it. Dream on it. And if you don’t love it, send it back and we’ll reimburse you. That’s how much we believe in our pillows. We would never make statement like NuSleep Pillows are the best pillows ever - if we didn’t think we could back it up with some seriously sweet dreams! We make pillows worth fighting over.



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  • Romell Bhaala