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Sleep Diary: How To Really Get The Best Sleep Ever!

Sleep Diary: How To Really Get The Best Sleep Ever!

When it comes to sleep and getting the best sleep ever, you can do a lot of things to get some serious zzz’s. For those who have tried it all and just haven’t found the sleep they need, or those that just sincerely want to get more restful sleep - there’s the sleep diary. If you’re not sleeping well, or think you are and still feel fatigued through the day, you might want to consider starting a sleep diary. We all think we are sleeping well, but are you really getting genuine rest?

According to The Sleep Council, “A sleep diary is a daily log to record your sleep-wake pattern. It aims to measure the pattern and quality of your sleep, and factors that may affect your sleep.” You can print sleep diary templates online, or you can use a journal of your choice to record your daily sleep habits. A sleep diary only requires a few minutes of your time each day, so it is quite easy to include in your daily routine - even if you are very busy.

So, how do you use a sleep diary?

Here’s How To Use A Sleep Diary:

● Some questions may need answering first thing in the morning, some need answering at the end of the day.

● Questions can include: What time did you go to bed? What time did you wake up? 

● You want to fill out the diary for at least four weeks. Once you hit the 21 day mark this will become a habit.

● Be sure to include any kind of dreams or things like outside noises that wake you up. This is a great way to start understanding other reasons you might not be sleeping. It could be that a noise on the street is keeping you awake and not your body.

● Go over your Review your diary at the end of the month and pay particular attention to patterns or practices that you notice might be helping or hindering your sleep.

● As far as The Sleep Council is concerned, “If you notice a pattern, make one change at a time and implement for at least one week, preferably two weeks.” For instance, if you are sweating at night you might just need some temperature control sheets to keep your core body temperature regulated all night. Check out www.nusleepbedding.com. They have loads of bedding options that can help keep you cool all night long.

● If you start to notice patterns that could mean you’ve developed chronic sleep disorder or insomnia give your doctor a call. Be sure to discuss anything like this with a physician so you can come up with a healthy plan to get better sleep.

No matter what kind of sleep you want to be getting a sleep diary is definitely the way to start making your way toward a better night’s rest. One that is healthy and happy. For more sleep news check out our other blogs on Holy Sheets!, and grab more great tips for the best sleep ever.



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  • Romell Bhaala