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Sleep Divorce: The New Couples Therapy

Sleep Divorce: The New Couples Therapy

A lot of couples go through their fair share of problems or issues. Quite often when you find yourselves fighting all of the time, it’s not really your daily life and stress, or even the kids - it’s the fact that you sleep together and you should get divorced! Sleep divorce is becoming increasingly popular amongst married couples and some say it strengthens the relationship and line of communication, making for one awesome way to live.

According to NBC Nightly News, “Experts say 25 percent of couples sleep in separate beds, sparing their relationships the resentment and irritability associated with lack of rest.” Should you divorce your current sleep habits, so you can get along better? With the increasing popularity of sleeping separate loads of couples are adopting the 50s style sleep pattern and getting on board with getting a long.

The Separate Bed Solution
If both partners are sleeping better, it’s a pretty good indication you are going to make more of a team effort to get along and parent better. Studies show that you can toss and turn more with someone sleeping beside you. Add the stresses of daily life and worry about whether you’re going to get some sleep tonight next to a restless or snoring partner, and you’ve set your relationship up for disaster. Are you a good candidate for sleep divorce?

How To Get a Good Sleep Divorce

● Talk about your new sleeping arrangements before you get sleep divorced. You’ll want to make each sleep space great for you. Start with some seriously awesome sheets, and get all zen before your divorce.

● If snoring is a problem, check in with your doctor to make sure it’s not sleep apnea or a serious sleep disorder.

● Get rid of the TV and devices. You might find your sleep habits are causing your relationship problems.

● Don’t let the misconception of the fact that “If you aren’t sleeping together, you’re not ‘sleeping’ together” drag you down. Make a time to get intimate with your partner. Get a little crazy and get together over coffee in the morning, or take a lunch break and meet up while the kids are at school. Get really daring and ask Grandma or Grandpa to keep the kids on the weekend, to keep intimacy strong. You can still get intimate and get a good night’s sleep.

● It’s not about just being intimate, sleep divorce is about strengthening other parts of your relationship that don’t include the kids sleeping with you! Put them in their own beds, tuck them in - and schedule family time. A nice meal like Heart Healthy Shrimp Pasta can really get you going strong through your sleep divorce!

● Don’t be embarrassed about it. Embrace it. Be vocal. Promise others that you are very happy. Your quality of life is much more important than someone’s opinion. You’ll be more productive, happy and supportive of one another and become the most amazing parents the moment you start discussing and communicating about your sleep.



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  • Romell Bhaala