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Sleep: What’s Temperature Got To Do With It?

Sleep: What’s Temperature Got To Do With It?

So, what does temperature got to do with sleep? While you sleep at night, your body implements it’s very own heating and cooling mechanism, a natural ‘thermoregulator’, to keep your core body temperature in a healthy range. A healthy, normal body temperature, according to Webmd, is 98.6 degrees fahrenheit and the normal range can fluctuate 1 degrees above or below this temperature. Because of things like the weather, what you eat, and your sleep environment, the sensations that come along with natural "thermoregulation" can make it hard to get a restful night’s sleep. Why?

When you are in deep sleep your temperature rises to a comfortable 99.5 degrees fahrenheit, 37.5 degrees celsius. According to the Sleep Research Society, “During the course of a normal day, your body temperature rises and falls slightly. This pattern is tied to your sleep cycle. As you become drowsy, your temperature goes down, reaches its lowest level around 5:00 a.m., and climbs slightly as morning begins.” So in the middle of the night, you need your body core temperature to be regulated to come up slowly and not rise too fast. This is why it’s important to have the right bedding, and exactly why something as simple as your sheets or pillow can affect the quality of your sleep. If you get too hot, you’re more likely to have a restless sleep due to the natural dip in your body’s core temperature and it rising as morning comes.

Some scientific studies support the hypothesis that, in some cases, insomnia is directly associated with improper regulation of your body temperature. While each person has a different normal temperature range, adding the right bedding to your sweet sleep environment can actually make things more regular and controlled - thus, giving you the best night’s sleep ever. No matter what your normal temperature range. Why?

NuSleep conducted studies using technology sheets developed specifically to keep your body core temperature regulated all night. What they found: You are most comfortable when the microclimate next to your skin has a relative humidity close to 37.5%. When you are in this ideal 37.5 comfort zone, you are also in the ideal conditions for sleep. 37.5 technology helps your body manage the moisture in your microclimate to keep you in this “37.5 zone” of comfort and rest. What it all comes down to…

Switching your bedding to NuSleep’s luxurious line of sheets, pillows, blankets and mattress pads can help you get one peaceful night’s sleep - all thanks to some amazing scientific studies and technology.



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  • Romell Bhaala