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The Dangers of Sleeping With Your Phone

The Dangers of Sleeping With Your Phone

When it comes to your favorite handheld device, you might want to think twice before snuggling up with it! Recent research suggests that blue light emitted from devices like smartphones, tablets and TVs can be the reason our sleep is out of control. We’ve all likely heard warnings that your phone can bring bad habits to bed, but that might not genuinely be the reason you shouldn’t be sleeping next to your smartphone.

An Alabama man is now warning others to keep their smartphones out of their bed - especially if they are charging. Why? According to WAAY 31, the Huntsville man is on a mission to warn others about the dangers of sleeping with their smartphones.

Wiley Day, 32 of Huntsville, Alabama, fell asleep with his dog tags around his neck. His iPhone was plugged into its charger via an extension cord so he could put his phone next to his head. While he was sleeping, the chain of his dog tag managed to slide in between the charger and the extension cord. Upon contact this sent a surge of electricity through his body. “My necklace became the conductor. And it somehow, some way, jolted me over here to the floor,” Day told WAAY-TV. Luckily Mr. Day was able to break the chain from around his neck.

“Wiley was hit with about 110 volts, and 100 volts can kill a person,” according to Dr. Benjamin Fail, a family practice physician. Fail also claimed, “He is lucky to be alive.” And we completely agree!

Now Mr. Day is warning others about the dangers of charging your phone in bed:

“Charge your phone away from you. Charge it the next day. It’s not worth your life.

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