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The New Trick To Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

The New Trick To Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

As you age your sleep becomes more fragmented. This can lead to loss of memory or memory decline, which is often referred to as dementia. There’s a lot of cellular stuff going on when your body starts aging, so it’s vital that you get the sleep you need to stay on top of daily life. So, how can Seniors get a better night’s sleep?

By adding a little pink noise to the bedroom, Seniors can get a more restful night’s sleep and help out their cognitive memory function. According to a recent study published by the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, “Pink noise has more lower octaves than typical white noise and is hardly soothing. For example, it can be one-second pulses of the sound of a rushing waterfall. The short pieces of quick, quiet sounds would be really annoying if you were trying to fall asleep. But the pink noise isn't trying to get you to fall asleep; it's trying to keep you in a very deep sleep where you have slow brainwaves. This is one of our deepest forms of sleep and, in particular, seems to decline in aging adults.”

While you can’t get this technology in your home, yet, there are things you can do to improve your sleep as a Senior without invasive surgery, like:

● Add a sleepy time tea supplement to help you fall into deep sleep faster.

● Change your sheets! Research shows that you should keep your body temperature regulated. With all that happens in your body as a Senior, that’s easy if you switch to NuSleep bedding. They keep your body at a nice 37.5 degrees celsius, so you don’t wake up from hot flashes or cold sweats in the middle of the night!



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  • Romell Bhaala