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The Reason You Might Wake Up On The Wrong Side of The Bed

The Reason You Might Wake Up On The Wrong Side of The Bed

Have you ever “woken up on the wrong side of the bed”? Has someone suggested you might be stressed or depressed, and you know you aren’t!? One of the things commonly associated with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder is the “mood swing”. But what if you’re not depressed, you don’t have anxiety or stress, and you certainly have not been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or any other mental illness. It might just be lack of sleep? Not just any sleep, but interrupted REM stage sleep.

“The Boston School Of Medicine published a study that found that both genders ‘rate themselves less positively’ if they're roused from REM sleep, and that women seemed particularly affected. When awakened during REM sleep, both genders rated themselves as pretty terrible on personality-trait tests, and were not able to form as many cognitive memories.” Harvard Health has now come to the conclusion that REM sleep is “particularly involved with memory creation and regulation, so waking during that may be an interference in some kind of emotional balancing during sleep.”

How To Stop Segmented Sleep

1. Grab some new bedding. Quite often the reason we wake up in REM is due to a drastic change in temperature. With the way the weather has been lately, a set of NuSleep sheets will get your mood in check.

2. If you sleep with a partner, consider a memory foam bed that balances vibration. Often our partner can unknowingly wake us up in the middle of night by unconsciously going to the bathroom or to get a drink of water.

3. Same goes for those who are hard on their feet. Think about investing in a pair of memory foam slippers to quieten your nightly walk on hardwood or non-insulated floors.



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  • Romell Bhaala