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The Secret To The Perfect Night’s Sleep

The Secret To The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Do you lie in bed and panic about how little sleep you are getting? We’ve got good news for you. Last night’s sleep is trivial and most of the things you thought you new about sleep are wrong. Perception of sleep and reality of sleep are two different things. People often feel like they are getting a lot less sleep than they actually are, which can keep people from getting help for sleep problems.

Consumer Reports published a very shocking article titled “Why Americans Can’t Sleep” in January 2016. The article details that in their recent survey they found that 68 percent of Americans are struggling with their sleep once a week. That means that 164 million Americans are getting into bed after a restful weekend and are having trouble falling asleep.

Studies have shown if you are resting effectively you’re still doing benefit to your body. So, it’s better to lay down and think about what you have to do at work the next day or think about your secret celebrity crush for a little while. It’s normal to have ups and downs with sleep, so you don’t necessarily need pills to go to sleep. It’s as simple as just getting into a quiet, dark space where you can wind down from the day.

What Can You Do To Promote an Amazing Night’s Sleep?
● Be sure to get some exercise in, even if it’s just 15 to 20 minutes, like the Fat Burning Circuit Routine for Better Sleep.

● Get some new sheets! 7 Reasons Why NuSleep is The Best Technology Bedding In America.

● Grab a smoothie to fight cranky afternoons and promote sweet sleep: Naturally Curb Stress Induced Insomnia One Delicious Smoothie at a Time

● Consider kicking the kids out of your bed: The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

● Learn How To Get Back To Sleep In The Middle of The Night.



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