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The Ugly Truth About Washing Your Sheets

The Ugly Truth About Washing Your Sheets

You might be super-surprised, but some people simply don’t keep a hygienic bed. Neglecting your bed sheets and linens, can take a toll on your sleep. A clean bed is a really great bed to sleep in, so here’s how you can keep your sheets totally amazing and grime free!

How To Keep A Really Clean Bed
When it comes to keeping your bed clean, there are some golden rules to really keeping the grime off your sweet bed linens:

● Never eat in bed to keep it crumb and food debris free.

● Take your shower before bed to eliminate skin dandruff.

● Maintain that your bed is for sleeping and sexual intercourse.

● Be sure to wash your sheets and bed linens at least once every week or two weeks; and always the day after intercourse.

How To Wash Your Sheets
There are also ways you should treat your sheets to maximize cleanliness and keep all those dirty germs at bay that could find their way into your bed:

● Always wash your sheets on the warm water setting. Hot water can weaken sheet fibers.

● Begin the wash cycle by selecting the temperature and setting. Turn the washer on and let the water begin to fill up.

● Always add the detergent when the water is being dispensed to evenly distribute the detergent.

● If you want to brighten sheets that are white, add ¼ cup lemon juice in lieu of bleach as it can weaken sheet fibers too!

● Add your favorite liquid fabric softener during the soak cycle to add luxurious softness to your bedding.

● Dry on low or medium heat in the dryer to keep linen fibers from breaking
 down in the dryer setting.

● Store in a clean dry closet until next use.

● A good rule of thumb is to keep two sets of sheets and pillow cases in order to easily swap them out every two weeks.

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  • Romell Bhaala