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What Dreams Are Made Of: 3 Common Dreams For Those That Love Their Sleep

What Dreams Are Made Of: 3 Common Dreams For Those That Love Their Sleep

When it comes to peaceful sleep, sometimes the only way to get back to what you once had in sweet slumber is to know what is going on once you are asleep. Dreams can tell us a lot about our personal lives and how to improve our sleep. So what do your dreams mean? We looked at the most popular dreams according to the Sleep & Dream Database to tell you just what is going on when you are off to slumber.


Being Attacked
Dreaming that you are being attacked can be directly related to anxiety and anger. This can signify that you have people in your life that are making you feel anxious or causing you stress. Indirectly this dream can also mean that you are feeling attacked by others be it their attitude or general attitude toward you.

Dreams involving falling can often mean that you cannot rise above your own faults. Falling doesn’t mean that you are necessarily losing yourself, but that you are out of touch with yourself. Dreams that involve you falling could mean that some sense of you feels like you are not in control of your own destiny.

Repeating Something Over & Over
Sometimes you can feel powerless in life, and that translates directly into your dreams when you try and try again. When you attempt something or have a situation repeat itself over and over again, this can signify that you simply stuck and can’t move forward.

So how do you get out of the dream world and back in a positive light? Better sleep. One of the best ways to get sincere, serene, dreamy sleep is to change your life, in order to change your dreams - and that can start with your sleep environment. Check out NuSleep’s technology bedding for better dreams and a more bright you.



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  • Romell Bhaala