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Who’s To Blame For All Your Sleepless Nights?

Who’s To Blame For All Your Sleepless Nights?

When it comes to putting the blame on someone, or something, for all those sleepless nights, there is always plenty to go around. The rules we set for sleep may actually be the reason we aren’t getting enough sleep. In today’s society it’s too easy to force a bedtime, force kids to sleep separate, and just simply buy the wrong bedding.

So, where should you put the blame for not getting your full 8 hours?

Blame The Parents
Parents these days can spend a great deal of time getting kids on a sleep schedule, which can actually do more harm than good. While kids should get the recommended sleep for their age range, you don’t have to be so regimental with it all. This might also be causing a lot of unwanted stress to your life as a parent, and eventually be the reason your kids grow up to be traumatized about getting to sleep on time.

Might Want To Blame The Boss
The capitalist American work ethic could be the reason you aren’t getting enough sleep. Even if you are the boss, sleep is essential in work performance. Companies like Aetna are actually paying their employees extra if they can prove they get their 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night! We should be taking a cue from these guys and demanding that we give our bodies the proper rest it needs to take on the day and slay - like a boss.

Blame The Weather
Which means you can also blame your bedding! The weather thanks to climate change, sorry but it’s true, has taken a toll on our sleep patterns. A lot of that can be due to daylight savings time and it can also be down to temperature. As certain weather systems like storms, warm fronts and cold fronts begin to move in more rapidly - our body temperatures fluctuate like crazy. Certain times of year can see harsh temperature changes and that simply means our bodies get out of whack during the night. What can you do? Get a pair of technology driven sheets that keep your body core temperature at a perfect 37.5 degrees celsius all night long. NuSleep sheets and luxury bedding are crafted to keep you from blaming the weather for your sleepless nights!

Stress Can Actually Be To Blame
The simple truth is, you could just be stressed out in general about sleep. Not to mention life, kids, partner, parents, the boss and your job, the change in weather, and a whole host of things that people deal with in today’s society. Things like gender, genetics, age and a whole boatload of other things can be the reason you don’t get 8 hours. Eight hours can also be too much or too little for some due to the factors just mentioned, so try out 7 hours or 9 hours of shut eye. You might find one of those recommended numbers help you de-stress and get some genuine sleep.



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  • Romell Bhaala