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Your Air Conditioner Could Be The Reason You’re Not Sleeping

Your Air Conditioner Could Be The Reason You’re Not Sleeping

Those of you who love to sleep in a super-cool atmosphere might actually be getting worse sleep than those that sleep with no air conditioning on. With the Winter months winding down, some regions of the world are experiencing extremely warm temperatures for this time of year. So extreme that people have been inclined to turn on their air conditioners sooner than they would for this time of year.

According to EurekAlert!, the Global Source of Science News, “New research conducted in Japan shows that while air conditioners make you more comfortable, the airflow from the vents may actually cause problems while you sleep.” While the air conditioner can make you comfortable before bed, it may be triggering sleeplessness and unnecessary movement in the middle of the night.

The study by a joint research team including professor Kazuyo Tsuzuki of Toyohashi University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Asahi Kasei Homes found, “subjects sleeping in the higher airflow room had significantly greater body movements, an increased heart rate, and a higher frequency of waking. This suggests the general AC may have some influence on sleep, as subjects rolled over or their sleep depth changed the moment cool air blows out.

What Can You Do To Control The Temperature In Your Sleep Environment?
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  • Romell Bhaala