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NuSleep Sheet Set - Powered By 37.5® Technology - Ocean

Product Description

It's time to stop sweating, and start sleeping! NuSleep Bedding with 37.5® Technology offers you the first real performance based technology bedding. 37.5® Technology doesn't just wick away moisture; Our sheet sets, with 37.5® Technology active particle technology captures and releases moisture vapor to help your body maintain the optimum comfort zone, allowing you to enter deeper, longer periods of rest.

It's time to pamper yourself with ultimate way to sleep. In a test done by the Olympic research center, performance of athletes greatly improved with rest in our NuSleep 37.5® Technology sheets. No longer do you have to be too hot or too cold, NuSleep bedding keeps you within your optimal comfort zone throughout the night.

  • 37.5® Technology particles take moisture away from your body keeping you cool & dry throughout the night.
  • 37.5® Technology recharges with every wash and does not fade away. Patented 37.5® technology is woven in to the fabric. These performance bedding sheets get better with every wash.
  • Pieces Included: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases
  • 80% Lyocell and 20% 37.5® Technology
  • Our 37.5® Technology is used by brands such as Adidas, North Face, Kenneth Cole, Brookstone, Tommy Bahama, Carhartt, RVCA, & Victorinox
  • Elastic bands on each side to keep the fitted sheet snug to your mattress. Our sheets are made to feet mattress up to 20" in height.

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NuSleep was founded on a simple mission - to create a better, more comfortable and restful sleep for its users. The winning combination of progressive technological solutions and attractive aesthetics set us apart from industry competition.

37.5 Technology has been recognized as a benchmark in creating performance and comfort fabrics. Initially, its use was only limited to high-end apparel. However, NuSleep was able to successfully leverage this technology in manufacturing superior bedding products.

From sheets, pillows, comforters and even mattress pads; we invite you to indulge in our unique and exceptionally crafted bedding. Our promise is to improve comfort, balance body temperature and thus provide for longer, more restful sleep cycles. NuSleep’s luxurious products are engineered with your health and well-being as its driving motivation. We intend to improve your life one sleep at a time.

37.5® TECHNOLOGY - Innovation In Bedding


Comfort in bedding is greatly influenced by the temperature and humidity next to skin known as the microclimate. For the average person, the body strives to maintain an ideal core body temperature of 37.5° C. You are most comfortable when the microclimate next to your skin has a relative humidity close to 37.5%. When you are in this ideal 37.5 comfort zone, you are also in the ideal conditions for sleep. 37.5 technology helps your body manage the moisture in your microclimate to keep you in this “37.5 zone” of comfort and rest.

Tested & Proven

To test the 37.5 sleep system, two third-party studies were simultaneously conducted to compare a conventional bedding system to a 37.5 technology bedding system. The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology used laboratory instrumentation for testing, while NETCONSULT in Germany used a human subject to conduct sleep tests and collected data from instrumentation attached to the subject. In addition, sleep physiologists at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs are testing the bedding on elite athletes, under the hypothesis that the better, deeper sleep that is achieved with Sleep 37.5 bedding will have a direct effect on athletic performance.