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Why Is Sleep So Important?


Room temperature is important, but it’s the personal microclimate created within your bedding that has a greater impact on how well you sleep.

Throughout the night, your body emits moisture vapor to release excess heat. 37.5® technology is tested and proven to help your body manage moisture vapor and heat to maintain an optimum comfort zone for deeper and longer sleep.

NuSleep uses 37.5® technology to make sure you get a restful night's sleep.

Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Issue
– The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized sleep deprivation as being associated with a number of chronic conditions. A few that threaten the nation’s health are diabetes, depression, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Apart from these, lack of sleep is also responsible for many motor vehicle and machinery related accidents causing for mass injuries or loss of life.

The reports of insomnia and other sleep deprivation disorders increase every year at a substantial rate. It is imperative to understand that getting a restful night of sleep is a necessity, and should not be looked at something that is out of your reach.

Most people know they are sleep deprived, however they do very little to change it. 80% Americans agree that the lack of sleep causes increased stress. Half the population also reported on not getting enough sleep. Yet, less than half of those reported numbers took any action to sleep better.

Experts agree that the quality of sleep is determined by the comfort of the sleep area. Factors like a person’s body temperature and how comfortable the individual is can greatly influence the length of the sleep.