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6 Ways To Create A Cozy Bedroom

6 Ways To Create A Cozy Bedroom

No matter what size your bedroom, your room should be a cosy haven for sleep. A room you look forward to spending time in! There’s no better way to end the day than going to bed in a room that is perfectly cozy and serene. A room that will ultimately lead to more amazing mornings and sleep for many years to come. A room that is built just for you!

Get The Right Lighting

The ideal sleeping space has little to no light and is dark and cool. Block out light from electronics by turning phones or iPads on silent and flipping them upside down, and turn any digital alarm clock away from your bed. Keep outside street lights and building lights out of your room with blackout blinds or heavy curtains.

Decorate Your Way

You should decorate your bedroom with colors and items you love. After all, this is your space! Keep the room free of clutter and piles of laundry. Make it a habit to fold laundry the moment you get it out of the dryer or off the clothesline in the living room, that way you won’t be tempted to toss it in the bedroom floor. Keeping your room tidy also means making your bed every day.

Get The Right Temperature
Keep your room cool. When you sleep your body temperature actually gets a bit lower. A cool room will trigger that temperature change and help your body to transition from wakefulness to sweet sleep. Your room should be around 60 to 67 degrees, and can be adjusted depending on what feels most comfortable to you.

Comfort is Key
In order to maintain temperature control all night long, you should use technology bedding like NoSleep. From blankets to sheets, pillows and even mattress pads, NuSleep technology bedding is manufactured to keep your core temperature at the most comfortable level all night long - 37.5%. This luxury bedding is proven to keep you cool and dry all night for a better night’s sleep. Remember, comfort is key and the best way to stay comfy is with amazing bedding.

Limit Distractions
Noises and distractions that might wake you up can really take a toll on your body, because it disrupts your sleep pattern. This is a great reason to keep televisions out of the bedroom, as well as handheld devices. You can block outside noise with a fan, air conditioner or white noise machine to create a constant background sound. Some sound machines can even help rock you to sleep with sounds of nature.

Introduce Yourself To Aromatherapy
Essential oils and scents have been known to boost mood and relaxation for happy sleep. Lavender, is the most popular, and can lower your blood pressure and heart rate getting you ready for sleepy town. Some scents like mint or citrus, can help you wake up more refreshed with their invigorating aroma. Essential oil sprays and air fresheners that you enjoy can really make a difference when it’s time to curl up and shut off for the day.


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  • Romell Bhaala