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Kick Spring Pollen & Allergies To The Curb, So You Can Sleep Better

Kick Spring Pollen & Allergies To The Curb, So You Can Sleep Better

Spring has sprung and so has all the pollen, dust and grass clippings! If you live in an area prone to allergens, there are a few things you can do to keep allergies at bay this Spring. From Spring cleaning to purifying your bedroom, there are loads of things you can do to avoid pesky allergies this season.

Spring Clean Your Bedding
Give all your NuSleep bedding a good wash. Bedding should be washed separate from all clothing, in hot water, with a good detergent. Dryer balls or fabric softener can be added to the wash to make sheets and blankets super soft. Make sure you wash your mattress pad too! Next, hit your pillows and mattress with disinfectant spray for a little extra clean.

Purify The Air
Adding an air purifier to your bedroom and really make a difference during allergy season. You’ll breathe better at night and sleep better, too!

Give Your Pet A Bath
If you have dogs or cats that like to roam free outside, it’s a good idea to give them a bath once a week or every other week during allergy season. Pets can carry in dust, pollen, grass clippings, even mites can hitch a ride on their back.

Don’t Ignore Your Car
Cars can be covered in pollen if you live in an area heavily populated with trees. Take your car for a wash or get a little extra exercise by giving it a wash yourself.

Get Bed Ready Yourself
We track all sorts of things in from the outdoors every time we come home. A good rule of thumb during allergy season:

● Leave your shoes at the door, so you don’t track in allergens.

● Take a shower or bath before bed to rinse off the pollen and allergens.



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  • Romell Bhaala