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Sleep Paralysis: How To Live With It

Sleep Paralysis: How To Live With It

Imagine waking up from a deep sleep and you can’t speak or move. Your body is completely paralyzed. After singer Zara Larson came out and claimed she lives with sleep paralysis, the disorder left people wondering what it was and how to live with it! So, what is sleep paralysis?

You are conscious and your mind is awake, but you can’t move your body. Sleep Paralysis can feel like you are hallucinating, or see someone in your room, you might feel like you are floating or looking down on yourself. Sounds terrifying right? Naturally when this occurs it can be very scary for the person experiencing it.

The Chinese refer to it as Gui Ya, or ghost pressure, and it was believed that a ghost would sit on the person sleeping. Europeans interpreted it as abductions by witches who would force you onto a really fast broom ride. While the people of the West Indies believe sleep paralysis was brought on by a ghost baby who would jump on you and attack your throat. Millions of Americans still believe sleep paralysis is actually an alien abduction. 

According to an article published in the journal of Clinical Psychological Science, sleep paralysis “...is often accompanied by vivid imagery and extreme fear. In addition to the fear during episodes, people often report marked distress following episodes.” The way to live with it and relax over it all, is to simply understand it! During REM sleep when the brain is really active our muscles become paralyzed by Glycine and GABA, sleep paralysis then happens when you wake up and these are still being released in your body. The good news is: even though it’s frightening, it’s not life threatening.

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  • Romell Bhaala