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Sleep Trackers Might Be Ruining Your Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep Trackers Might Be Ruining Your Good Night’s Sleep

You might love counting your steps and seeing how much sleep you get, but recent studies are saying that it might actually be ruining your sleep. Thanks to the experts at Rush University Sleep Lab’s latest reports, sleep trackers might be bad for you. Researchers have found that those devices you wear to track your sleep might just be the reason you’re not getting enough! Which may leave you wondering: “Why?”

“Sleep specialist's at Rush University Sleep Lab in Chicago noticed an increase in patients coming in and complaining of sleep disorders. They were all seeking the magical number of 8 hours. Their findings were reported in the journal of clinical sleep medicine.” According the the study, "Their having anxiety about sleep, they are trying to get more sleep and also they are spending more time in bed trying to sleep and that results in them having more awake time at night and also having their sleep more fragmented."

So what should you do to get a better night’s sleep?
● Quit being fixated on getting the right amount of sleep. There is no magical number, but there is a number for you and that might be 7 or 9 hours instead of 8!

● Treat your bedroom like a sleep sanctuary. Ditch the devices, including the sleep monitors, and get yourself some better sleep by simply not over thinking it all.

● Want to bring technology into the bedroom? Do it with sheets. That’s right! NuSleep bedding is technology driven and manufactured to make sure you stop sweating and start getting better sleep!

● Only use your health tracker for exercise in the day time. With studies suggesting that devices like TVs, tablets and phones be kept out of your bedroom because they subconsciously cause you to lose sleep - that means your health tracker should stay out too!



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  • Romell Bhaala