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The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

The Dangers of Co-Sleeping

Concerns have been raised in recent years when it comes to co-sleeping or sharing a bed with your child. While some parents find it successful, some are finding that it can put your child at a much greater risk for behavioral disorders and even death. Being a parent is a great responsibility, and while you may think co-sleeping is more safe - it can be very dangerous for the health and welfare of your child.

The concerns about co-sleeping sparked when infants and children were found to be injured while sleeping with parents despite warnings. “80% of parents co-sleep, despite warnings following tragic deaths,” The Telegraph reports. After a mother of an 18 day old baby was arrested for manslaughter, for accidentally killing the infant during co-sleeping, more and more lawmakers around the world are making laws and rulings on co-sleeping.

According to The March of Dimes, “Bed-sharing may put your baby at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (also called SIDS) and other dangers during sleep, like suffocation. The safest place for your baby to sleep is in her own bassinet or crib placed close to your bed.” A mother in Cambridgeshire, UK has most recently had both of her children removed from her care and placed up for adoption due to the fact that a court ruled she continually ignored professional advice on co-sleeping. When the children continued to be seen by social workers with bruises, the judge ruled to have the children removed from her care.

The Myths & Truths of Co-Sleeping
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t co-sleep or that it’s wrong and always causes death. Co-sleeping can actually be great for breastfeeding moms. It can mean more sleep for parents. If you’re a heavy sleeper, it might not be all that safe, so talk to your physician about co-sleeping and if it can be good for you - and when you should put your child in their own bed.

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