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4 Good Reasons You Might Be Heavily Fatigued

4 Good Reasons You Might Be Heavily Fatigued

Little to no H20 can honestly be the reason you feel tired all day. If you are getting your 7 to 9 hours of recommended sleep a night, you might want to consider drinking more water. You might think you are getting your 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water a day, but are you? Lack of water slows your whole body down and can cause you to feel drowsy. If you need a mid afternoon pick me up - grab water in lieu of coffee and see how you feel.

Underlying Medical Conditions
All too often the lack of water is not the culprit and an underlying medical condition like low- thyroid can be the reason you feel fatigued. Hyperthyroidism, at first glance can make you bounce off the walls; however, as the body tries to compensate for this breakdown your body can start to feel sluggish and tired for no reason at all. If you have tried a lot of things to combat fatigue and haven’t figured it out, a trip to your doctor might help out.

Wrong Bedding
Simply put, you could be tossing and turning all night which can lead to daily fatigue. The wrong bedding could have you sweating and disrupting natural sleep cycles. The easiest fix is to try NuSleep! From pillows to blankets, sheets and mattress pads - you can pimp your bed out for a good night of real rest and start feeling refreshed all day.

Dirty Room
Clutter causes stress. Stress and anxiety cause sleep problems. Try tidying things up a bit if you are feeling fatigues. While you might not think a dirty room could be the culprit in your sleeplessness or daily tiredness, the room you sleep in just might not be zen enough for good, clean sleep. Try a little organization.



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  • Romell Bhaala