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5 Reasons You’re Tired During The Day

5 Reasons You’re Tired During The Day

Are you often tired in the middle of the day? There are many factors that can lead to daytime fatigue, and sometimes restless sleep is to blame. Loads of things we do in our daily life can actually make us super-tired during the day. When it comes to weeding out the culprits.

Sleep Environment
The biggest culprit when it comes to restless sleep and feeling fatigued is your sleep environment. You want the place you sleep to be quiet, cool and full of super-soft bedding. A horrible sleep environment that consistently causes restless nights and fatigued days - is the fact that your body temperature isn’t regulated well while you sleep. Yeah, your temperature gets all out of whack when sleep restless. Check out NuSleep’s line of luxury technology sheets and make your sleep environment amazing - and regulate your body for prime sleep!

If you like to enjoy a few glasses of wine, some killer bourbon or a nice craft beer - you might find that it’s keeping you from falling into a deep sleep. Overindulgence of any alcoholic beverages actually keeps your from falling into REM sleep and can be the exact reason you’re fatigued during the day. Most people fight this with caffeine, and end up having several restless nights in a row - which can be very bad in the long run.

Chronic Pain
Got a pain in your back? Suffer from arthritis or restless leg syndrome? All of these can cause restless sleep. Talk to your doctor if you suffer from chronic pain. You’ll want to get it under a physician’s management in order to really get some seriously good sleep. Even talking to a doctor can take your mind off the stress of chronic pain - which can also lead to restless nights.

Too Much Java
Caffeine is a stimulant and that afternoon cup can often be the reason you aren’t sleeping well at night. Cutting caffeine completely out can often be really bad for us too! The best way to still enjoy your favorite caffeinated drinks and still get a good night’s sleep is to limit your daily intake - especially if you like to drink it in the afternoon or evenings. A good rule of thumb is to limit your caffeine filled beverages and not drink them past 3 p.m. in the afternoon. If you opt for a nightcap with caffeine, try and limit that to the weekends or the night before a day off.

Stress & Anxiety
Simple daily interruptions to your personal and work life can cause restless nights. This in turn causes you to be less productive and quite often lowers your ability to sleep well on consecutive nights. Consecutive nights of restless sleep can lead to a fatigue inducing syndrome that can cause insomnia and a whole load of other problems - including heart problems and high blood pressure. Get your stress under control by talking to a doctor, taking up yoga, or making your sleep environment more zen.



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  • Romell Bhaala