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5 Ways To Promote A More Regular Sleep Environment

5 Ways To Promote A More Regular Sleep Environment

While it’s totally normal to have some fluctuations in sleeping patterns, it’s not normal to wake up every night and stay wide awake for two to three hours. People with irregular sleep syndrome tend to only sleep for one to four hours at a time and often have more than one sleep within a 24 hour day.

What Causes Irregular Sleep Syndrome?
Quite often those with no routine or regular schedule tend to develop irregular sleep patterns because they have no real structure to their daily life. Subjecting yourself to very high stress environments on a daily basis can also interrupt sleep so much that you develop irregular sleep patterns, as well.

Simply Add More Structure To Your Day
This is especially great for anyone who is freelance or independently contracted. Include scheduling social media interaction, exercise, and other activities in a diary or calendar. Give yourself a set amount of hours to work in a day with a timed lunch to keep things internally timed too!

Limit Your Exposure To Unnatural Light
You should be not exposed to bright light or blue light at least one hour before bed. Keep your electronics and televisions to a limit in the evenings. While there are apps that help your eyes adjust as the evening goes on, if you find you are developing an irregular sleep pattern on the regular - you need to cut out devices and electronics all together at least 1 hour before bed so your natural circadian rhythm kicks in and your body naturally wants to go to sleep.

Get Super-Comfy
Making your sleep environment as inviting and comfortable as possible is super- essential in promoting regular healthy sleep. Sometimes you simply get overheated and that’s what makes sleep irregular. This is especially true for women who tend to have hormonal changes in life that can make sleep patterns more irregular due to body core temperature changes when you sleep. Check out NuSleep bedding for their amazing technology sheets. These sheets, blankets and pillows are built with technology to keep your body core temperature the same each night you sleep for a more regular sleep pattern.

Add Sleep Inducing Supplements
Melatonin supplements can be a great natural additive to your nightly sleep routine. If you suffer from irregular sleep syndrome, you want your sleep to go back to being as regular as possible. If supplements are something you are considering, you should talk to your doctor about the correct dose as adding this natural supplement can decrease your body’s natural production of melatonin; and this can alter sleep in ways you really should be controlling and monitoring with a physician.

Get Sleepy With White Noise
Minimize the amount of noise in your bedroom or sleep environment. Even if you do shift work and have to sleep during the day, you should block excess noises to get the best sleep ever and keep from randomly waking up in the middle of your sleep pattern. Noise canceling ear plugs are amazing for just this! If you don’t think you’ll hear your alarm with earplugs, try implementing a fan or white noise machine into your sleep routine to keep it more regular.



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  • Romell Bhaala