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How To Get Good Sleep Through The Busy Holidays

How To Get Good Sleep Through The Busy Holidays

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle this holiday season - just get smart about how to get some good rest through the busiest season of the year. Whether you’re working hard to get everything done before the new year, shopping for your loved ones, or baking a boat load of cookies for your besties - sleep is the only way you’re gonna get it all done before the year is over!

According to the Centers for Sleep Disorders, “Sleep is important for all aspects of your health, and it may be the most vital thing you do all day. Sleep deprivation can affect important aspects of your mind and body such as your mood, energy, ability to learn, memory, increase in weight, good judgment, reaction time and efficiency. Besides getting enough sleep at night, many people find it helpful to get a little rest during the day. A power nap can be between 10 and 40 minutes a day and increase your productivity tremendously.”

Stick To A Sleep Schedule
No matter how busy the holidays may be for you and your family, get everyone on a good sleep schedule. You should get 7 to 9 hours of really good, deep sleep a night. Write all of your ‘to dos’ on a calendar - make a list and check it twice! That way you don’t get overwhelmed and stressed and mess up your good sleep either.

Get Some Exercise
Exercise can really get you out of the work or baking zone and out of the house for some stress relieving endorphins! No matter what you like to do, whether it’s a 30 minute gym session, a yoga class, Zumba or power walking - exercise can help your body get rid of all that holiday excitement and put you in the mood for sleep.

Ask Your Loved One’s For New Sheets!
Get savvy with your Christmas list and ask for some new sleep technology! NuSleep has the most amazing sheets on earth - because they keep your temperature regulated for some seriously amazing sleep. If you get some of these, you know you’re on Santa’s ‘nice’ list!



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  • Romell Bhaala