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How Your Smartphone Is Keeping You Up All Night

How Your Smartphone Is Keeping You Up All Night

Your brain needs a break from your phone. Simple as that. If you work on a laptop or tablet all day - you should turn it off by 8 p.m. every day. Why? Your brain thinks the light from those devices is daylight. What most people refer to as their internal clock, then interprets that as it simply not being time to go to bed.

According to Professor Paul Gringras and his views on all of those sleep-deprived smartphone owners, “electronic devices need to be built with a "bed mode" to help people get to sleep quicker. As technology has progressed and our devices have become more ubiquitous, they've also become ‘bluer and brighter’.”

So how do you still work in the modern world without your smartphone!?

Give Yourself A Device Schedule
It’s hard to let go of things that keep you constantly moving in this modern world. Simply putting your phone down can be difficult. Put yourself on a schedule. Say: “Self, you don’t need that little magical device that keeps you constantly connected 24/7!” Because it really is bad for your health. Go buy an actual alarm clock. Turn your phone and devices off 30 minutes before bed, and enjoy the actual rest so you can take over the world with your smartphone tomorrow.

Get Some Holy Sheets!
No joke. Pimp your bedroom out with technology and you’ll want to ditch your phone for real. You’ll get the most amazing sleep you’ve ever had all with some sweet sheets that are, well, holy. They are the holy grail of sincere sleep that is! The technology in these sheets are just like your favorite gear. Think Under Armor, Cabellas, Adidas - that’s some awesome innovation when it comes to sleep. Who needs a smartphone in bed when you can turn out the lights with NuSleep!?



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  • Romell Bhaala