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How To Successfully Stay On Top of Your Daily Life

How To Successfully Stay On Top of Your Daily Life

Sometimes sleep has everything to do with it. It can be the reason we succeed and often the reason we fail at daily tasks. So, how do you stay successfully on top of your daily life? We’ve got just the list of things you can do to make every day count.

Fight Fatigue With Food
Do you find yourself feeling mentally run down? Often find it hard to concentrate on daily tasks for more than an hour or two? You might be low on microflora. The best way to fight fatigue is with a one day power up. The flora in your gut has a direct effect on serotonin. This brain chemical is essential for your sleep and wake cycles. How do you add flora? Yogurt or Kefir based smoothies are just the way. Take a day off from solid food and eat three large smoothies, drink plenty of water. The Overnight Diet has some great recipes, tips and tricks.

Reach for a Daily Vitamin
Daily vitamins can give you the best boost ever. You’ll want something with a great B vitamin complex - that’s the stuff that gives you energy. My personal favorite is ALIVE! By Nature’s Way. Recommended by my doctor, this vitamin has a garden veggie and fruit complex for added vitamins and minerals. It’s also formulated especially for men, women and even prenatal, max daily, and bone health. In less than three days, I had more energy than I’ve had in months.

Get Genuine Sleep
Easier said than done, right? Not really. All you need is some good sheets, like NuSleep, that keep your body core temperature regulated at night. That way you don’t toss and turn from sweating or chilling. Combine that with some daily exercise and a good clean diet! No joke. It’s the simple things in life. Eight hours sleep a night, with these small tweaks, and you’ll smash every day like a boss.




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  • Romell Bhaala