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How To Use A Sleep Doctor To Get Better Sleep

How To Use A Sleep Doctor To Get Better Sleep

Having a hard time sleeping? Have you tried everything that you can possibly think of, and, yet you still can’t fall to sleep? Is your sleep constantly interrupted? Do you find your days are long and you can’t always manage to get everything done? Do you stress about work from bed when you try to go to sleep or when you just wake up? You might want to look into having a sleep doctor structure your day to take your life back and get some zzz’s.

A recent editorial published in the Independent, by Shana Lebowitz, might be able to help you better structure your life and get back to being the refreshed person you always have been or really want to be. The author “had a 'sleep doctor' tell her how to structure her entire day — and she’s never felt more energized”. “In Dr. Michael Breus' new book, ‘The Power of When’, he helps readers figure out their biological predisposition to be a morning person, evening person, or somewhere in between, and then figure out their ideal daily routine based on that predisposition.”

How Can You Consult The Sleep Doctor For Better Sleep?
If you don’t live in Los Angeles near Dr. Breus practice, we found a few other ways you can use the ‘sleep doctor’s’ insight to get a better night’s sleep - and wake up feeling revived everyday.

1. Take Dr. Breus What’s Your Chronotype Quiz

2. Read ‘The Power Of When’

3. Start making changes to your daily routine and structuring your life around your chronotype.

Dr. Breus claims it should take around 7 to 10 days to see meaningful results, once you start implementing your daily structure. Need some extra tips on a better night’s sleep? Check out New Resolutions for Better Sleep from NuSleep. We want you to stop sweating and start sleep!



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