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10 Foods That Cause Bad Dreams

10 Foods That Cause Bad Dreams

Did you know that some of those delicious, tantalizing treats you love to snack on in between meals and just before bed might actually be the reason you’re not sleeping? Yep, that’s right - there are actually foods that studies have found can cause bad dreams.

What’s the big deal? Those bad dream snacks can keep you from getting a whole 7 to 9 hours of real rest, which in turn can cause you to gain weight, develop skin problems, and loads of other health issues down the line. Hippocrates was the first to write about this possible link between food and bad dreams.

In a recent study published by Frontiers in Psychology, they linked just what Hippocrates alluded to - oh, like, over 2,000 years ago. “For the study, 396 students at a Canadian university were polled on their diet and dream quality, daily, for two weeks. The questions that they answered delved into diet habits, psychological function, overall health, sleep, and dream habits. After sorting through their responses, the researchers were able to drum up a targeted list of foods that cause nightmares.”

So, What Foods Should You Stay Away From To Give Yourself Sweet Dreams?

1. Hot Sauce - people found a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.

2. Cookies & Cakes - people reported ‘bizarre dreams’ after eating these before bed.

3. Potato Chips - 12.5% of bad dreams in the study were found to be caused by junk food.

4. Hot Cocoa - the mixture of sugar and milk brought on night terrors for some participants.

5. Soda - due to the caffeine and sugar, participants who drank this early in the day even complained about having bad dreams.

6. French Fries - junk food!

7. Bread - Carbs convert to glucose, sugar = bad dreams.

8. Pasta - Same as the above, most people in the study reported bad dreams when eating a bowl of pasta before bed.

9. Chicken Nuggets - technically junk food, because most people eat it with fries.

10. Alcohol - alcohol interrupts REM and keeps you from falling into a deep sleep. Participants who consumed alcohol before bed noted their dreams were very stressful and full of nightmares.

What Should You Be Snacking On? 
Natural foods are always best. Anything that doesn’t come in a package or has any type of artificial sweetener in it. Check out diets like the Whole 30. They will give you some super amazing insight as to what types of veggies and snacks you should be eating. The recipes in our Snack Smart blog will also help you understand what foods will help you wake up super-refreshed after a night of sweet dreams!



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  • Romell Bhaala