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The Two Best Tech Items That Can Help Improve Your Sleep

The Two Best Tech Items That Can Help Improve Your Sleep

With technology at the forefront of everything we do these days, why shouldn’t it be used to help us sleep better? While technology might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to getting a decent night’s rest - you’d be surprised at the progress tech start up companies and new technology is making when it comes to helping you get some genuinely good sleep. Would you believe that a new set of seriously awesome sheets and some seriously amazing light bulbs could actually help you get to dreaming faster? Check them out for yourself below.


One Smart Set of Sheets
When it comes to the front runner in technology and a better night’s sleep - you’ll need a set of 37.5 sheets from NuSleep. These amazing sheets are developed with the same technology that keeps your temperature regulated in your favorite gear from Under Armor or Adidas. NuSleep’s amazing bedding actually keeps you dry and cozy for a night of unbelievable sleep all due to their amazing technology advancements in sheets.

Eye Opening Solutions
Want lights that are like Apple’s Night Shift or F.lux for your house? Check out the latest amazing technological advancement for sleep from the lighting manufacturer Soraa. They’ve developed a light bulb that aims to head off sleep problems before you lay your head down. Just like Apple or F.Lux technology their Helia LED smart bulb actually syncs with sunrise and sunset, in your location, and slowly removes blue light from the bulb’s spectrum throughout the day. Helping your eyes slowly adjust to bedtime.

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  • Romell Bhaala