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Thread Count: Why Everything You've Heard Is A Lie

Thread Count: Why Everything You've Heard Is A Lie

Consumers will often reach for sheets with a very high thread count, simply because they have been told these sheets are indeed softer and make for better sleep. Sadly the thread count sales pitch has, in many cases, evolved into a marketing scheme that is designed to focus the innocent consumer’s attention onto deceptively high thread counts at unrealistically low prices. Yes, there is actually a marketing concept known as “Deceptive Thread Counts” in the bedding industry, and we find it - ugly.


Why Should Consumers Be Concerned With Thread Count?
Because the bedding industry is actually selling you phony top-quality sheets. You simply are not getting what you think you are paying for! Good Housekeeping actually put the thread count myth to the test. The results were shocking: 

“Seven out of eight sheets tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute flunked thread count tests. There are telltale ways to spot an exaggerated count. When Good Housekeeping analyzed sample sheets, it found manufacturers exaggerating their thread count by three to five times. They found one sheet that was labeled as having a 1,500 thread count, but it actually only had 300 threads per square inch. That's false advertising.”


The Good Rule of Thumb for Buying Sheets
So how do you buy good sheets that are top quality and not lying about their thread count? Always Buy NuSleep! These amazing technology sheets are made from ultra spun Lyocell of the finest quality. Our yarns are all single ply yarns that result in technology sheets and bedding that is not only naturally soft & breathable but extremely durable. So the more you wash them - the better they get. That’s how all top quality sheets should be.


NuSleep vs. Deceptive Thread Count
NuSleep decided to debunk the high thread count debauchery and actually use only the finest ultra-spun, single ply Lyocell. There is no substitute. Our consumers always get the best sheet possible. That is how all of our technology sheets are constructed. These high quality yarns result in the softest, most breathable, and most durable sheets on the market.

Many sheet manufacturers will wrap multiple plys around one thread and count each ply as a thread. That creates a deceptive thread count. (See our illustration below). This deceptive tactic, used by many brands, also creates very thick threads that will pop and peel, similar to what happens with a piece of twine. Many brands use this technique in order to “beef up” a lower quality yarn strand and sell you something that just isn’t great quality.

All NuSleep technology sheets and bedding products have a wonderfully soft, sateen finish – and the softness just gets better with each washing. Hey, and it doesn't hurt that we are powered by 37.5 technology that helps regulate your body temperature so you sleep in your optimal temperature zone all night long.

Toss out the deceptive sheets and get NuSleep, so you can start sleeping better at night for brighter days!



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  • Romell Bhaala