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How To Fight Sleepless Nights When You’re Sick

How To Fight Sleepless Nights When You’re Sick

When it comes to viruses and the common cold, if you’ve had one or the other, you’re probably no stranger to sleepless nights even though you feel fatigued and poorly. Sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome feel the symptoms even more so than the average person who ends up falling ill. So how can you fight sleepless nights and get the rest you really need when you’re sick?

Researchers have determined, after examining a worm’s central nervous system, that “During sickness, cells are under stress, and organisms experience sleepiness to promote sleep and recover from the cellular stress. In the worm, this sleepiness is caused by release from the ALA neuron of FLP-13 and other neuropeptides, a group of chemicals that send signals between brain neurons...similar signaling may operate in humans and other animals to regulate sleep during sickness. These findings create a launching pad towards future research into the mechanisms for illness- induced sleepiness in humans and other organisms.”

What Can You Do To Regulate Sleep When You’re Sick?

● Sleep when your body tells you to. The best thing you can do when you are ill - get into bed and don’t get out for 72 hours. When your body sleeps, sleep. Even if you sleep for an hour or two, wake up, and go back to sleep all hours of the day.

● Take a sleep aide like Benadryl. This will eliminate symptoms associated with runny nose and itchy throat, and help you sleep without causing you to become dependent on an over the counter sleep aide.

Change your sheets. Replace your sheets the moment you get ill with clean ones. When you recover fully, change your sheets again and spray your pillows and mattress with anti-bacterial disinfectant spray like Lysol.

● Regulate your temperature with ibuprofen and technology driven sheets. When you chill and overheat from a cold or the flu, NuSleep bedding will help you rest even better!



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  • Romell Bhaala