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Stop Sleep Shaming & Start Sleeping With Zero Guilt

Stop Sleep Shaming & Start Sleeping With Zero Guilt

Many adults shame themselves and create unnecessary anxiety over sleep. From taking naps to forcing the kids into their own bedrooms at night - we could all use a little less sleep shaming and a little more genuine rest. The CDC reports that 1 in 3 adults do not get enough sleep. With sleep being just as important as diet and exercise, everyone should make sleep a priority. But just how important is it that you quit feeling guilty about sleep?

Check Out Sleep Advocacy
You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you have to slip in a nap during the day. Some people genuinely need extra rest. If you find that you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep, you might need to see a sleep expert or participate in a sleep clinic or study. The medical professionals behind sleep medicine are your best advocate in finding just what you need to get better sleep and stop self shaming yourself into anxiety ridden sleep guilt.

Kick The Kids Out
Drop the guilt Mom and Dad, and start sleeping. Sometimes we need to just put our feet down and tell the kids to sleep in their own beds. If you’re kids are having nightmares that cause them to get into bed, you should check out options to help them sleep more. Being a sleep advocate for your kids is a great way to understand them as well. Their sleep problems could be that they are having trouble in school, maybe they are being bullied, they could just be the type of kid who worries a lot, or their diet isn’t all that great. Many things can lead to kids missing out on sleep, so do a little digging and help them stop sleep shaming.

Want to know how to get even better sleep? Check out NuSleep’s Holy Sheets Blog for even more family sleep advice! We love giving advice on things like Why Mom is Exhausted and Dad is Sleeping Just Fine. NuSleep also provides amazing tips, tricks and recipes for loads of family fun.



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  • Romell Bhaala