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Could Your Bedtime Routine Be Ruining Your Relationship?

Could Your Bedtime Routine Be Ruining Your Relationship?

There is no denying that communication is key when it comes to a healthy relationship. That key factor in your love life also extends to the bedroom. If you find that you’ve been fighting or arguing more often, continually go to bed angry, or just are talking with one another - your nightly routine could be the culprit. When it comes to a healthy life with your partner, your bedtime routine could be missing something vital.

So How Do You Know If Your Bedtime Routine Is Ruining Your Relationship?

Are You Sleeping Apart?
If you and your partner are sleeping apart, it might be healthy. Sometimes people aren’t on the same sleep schedule. If you are sleeping apart for extended periods of time, you might have a communication problem. As long as your sleep patterns aren’t having an effect on sexy time, then you shouldn’t worry. Just be sure to implement some pillow talk to keep that spark.

Pump Up The Pillow Talk
There is nothing more sexy than a fresh pair of killer sheets, and your partner lying on them right next to you. If you’re experiencing stress in your relationship, you should totally get back to basics and just spend some time on your pillows. Whether you set aside time first thing in the morning or just before you turn out the lights, building communication between you and your love is vital to a healthy relationship. Ditch the devices and get back to a healthy you - trust us, you’ll sleep better.

More Sexy Time, Less Social Media
There is a lot to say for the couple who puts down their devices in bed and simply gets sexy. Love is built on a solid base of less social media and more alone time. Being intimate with your partner is key to keeping the spark alive, and if you find things have been dull maybe you should quit tweeting in bed.

Do You Go To Bed or Wake Up Angry?
The words “I’m sorry” can hold a lot of weight and build trust in a healthy relationship. Make it a priority to never go to bed angry or wake up angry with one another. This means saying “sorry” and talking it out. Plan a dinner at home and some pillow talk for the next day, so you can patch things up and get back to a better bed routine.

Adopt a Sweet Sleep Environment
Sit down with one another and address the issues you have in the bedroom if you or your partner aren’t getting enough sleep. If you and your partner aren’t having problems with one another, it may be the room you are sleeping in - especially if you are experiencing chronic sleeplessness. Check out: 6 Ways To Create A Cozy Bedroom and pimp your pillow talk out with some seriously sweet dreams.

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  • Romell Bhaala